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Song of the day - "Turbulence" - Archpalatine

"Turbulence" Starts with his utilizing his voice as an instrument along with his nimble fingers taking care of the keys. The low rush of background singers whispering “Palatine” sneaks in as he continues to resonate. As his 

voice hits its crescendo the pop of the drums whips in a surprise. The deft use of the kit rushes in, quick and edgy.   The song rolls on with dramatic flair while his voice ascends "We will take the chance to fly away" He plays his vocals again as he sings Taaaturbulence then the gust of the drum takes over like a strong supporting character. A song rich in drama and operatic elements, comparisons to Queen are fair. And again the drumming continues stellar. 

Listening to this song is like being enveloped in a short play. I can imagine the majestic costumes and sweeping set design. Also I see color when I listen to “Turbulence”; scarlet, rich gold and shades of charcoal much like the picture I just posted. Interestingly I didn't really pay attention to the color scheme before I heard the song. But seeing him seated looking majestic, it makes alot of sense. " Archpalatine and his band who are clearly abundant in style have created an experience with their music.

Derek Anthony Wilson - Vox/Synths
Eric Allenson - Drums
Anthony Pompey - Vox
Kasey Anderson - Bass
Produced by:
Ted Richardson for Ted Audio


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